If you're looking for a unique Memorial Day weekend road trip destination, I have an idea unlike any other. How would you feel about sleeping inside of the world's largest beagle? In Idaho, this is actually possible.

If you're new to our Idaho weirdness, this is the Dog Bark Park Inn. According to the official website, this all started with a husband and wife that just happened to be chainsaw artists. You can't make this kind of stuff up. And, in Idaho, there's no need to. This is reality.

If sleeping inside of a large wooden dog sounds good to you, prepare for a lengthy drive of over 6 hours to Cottonwood, Idaho.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This bed and breakfast canine has become so famous that even our British friends at the BBC have talked about it.

Here's the weirdest thing of all. There are currently no Yelp reviews of the Dog Bark Park Inn. You would think the opposite would be true.

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