Happy National Doctor Day! We are so incredibly grateful for everything you do not only during this time, but year round when there isn't a pandemic going on. 

It is National Doctor Day so much love going out to you, but also to the nurses, PAs, support staff, respiratory therapists and every other medical professional that are working extra hard right now during this time.

The good news for doctors in Idaho, we rank number 3 in the best states for doctors following only Nevada and Minnesota. So if you are going to be a hard working doctor, Idaho is a pretty great place to do it.

And right now we appreciate you more than ever. You may not get the recognition you deserve right now. You may be dealing with people who are rude, frantic, belligerent or whatever, but you keep going and helping people. You truly deal with every person on the spectrum from, "We are all going to die from Coronavirus and the world is ending" to "This is a giant scam and the Coronavirus isn't even a real thing". You appease those who panic and get them help and you help those who don't necessarily want it.

Much like teachers, police, firefighters and other public service jobs, it take a special kind of person to do what you do and do it well. Thank you, for everything you do. Especially during the crazy times like this, we need you more than ever.

If you see a medical professional today or know one, give them a little extra love (while practicing social distancing rules).

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