Like many of my fellow Twin Falls quarantine-ers, I've been passing the time between teleworking, spring projects and parental duties, by watching a ridiculous amount of television. I finally got around to watching a couple of films that I didn't previously make time for, so I thought I'd share three selections that I absolutely loved, and one movie that I had to turn off 15 minutes into.

Now in our sixth week of the stay-at-home order issued by Governor Brad Little in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I must say I am really hoping that it will be lifted on April 30, so that I might be inspired to start getting more active, which includes showering more than three times a week.

I'll begin with the list of my three favorite, stay-at-home flicks, that I've seen in the past month.

3. "Beautiful Boy"

My 18-year-old daughter is infatuated with actor Timothee Chalamet, so she talked us into watching this recently. While the subject matter deals with youth drug addiction, which might be every parent's worst nightmare, the film is superbly acted. I've been a Steve Carell fan since day one. This movie was difficult to watch during certain scenes, as my fatherly emotions kicked in at times.

Amazon Studios

2. "Onward"

I loved this film. It had a great family theme. The sprite biker gang was the highlight for me. Tears were shed under our roof at the end...not by me of course...but there were tears. It's a particularly poignant film I would imagine for anyone who lost a parent at a young age.


1. "Rogue One" (Yes...I finally saw it)

I can't stop talking about this movie. The final 40 minutes were unreal as far as the special effects. I could have gone without the death of K-250. My 4-year-old son said this of the droid's death, "I'm never gonna watch this movie again!" I hope they bring the cast back for another film. Oh, I forgot, they ALL DIED!

rogue one
Disney, Lucas

Worst Movie of the Month


My advice...just don't. Aside from one scene when Vin gets the left side of his face blown off, only to have it repair itself in a matter of seconds, the movie is extremely bad, despite my co-worker Courtney singing its praises. I now know why Vin Diesel was cast for the voice of "Groot." Three words from him ("I am Groot") is about all I can take.

Sony Pictures

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