Judging by the stories from Boise news media there was near insurrection this week.  It appears a meeting of the regional health district was scheduled and several hundred demonstrators arrived.  They aren’t happy about coronavirus restrictions.  Our First Amendment tells us we’ve got God given rights to assembly and to ask for a redress of grievances.  Some of the demonstrators broke off from the main group and went to the homes of board members.

I’ve been to some very, very large demonstrations.  At least three in Washington, D.C. and I can testify there are some people who split from the group.  In some cases, it’s people with their own agendas and they know the larger group attracts cameras.  It doesn’t mean thousands in the crowd are idiots. 

the left-wing Mayor of Boise condemned the crowd as a threat to public safety.

The meeting was postponed and the left-wing Mayor of Boise condemned the crowd as a threat to public safety.  Apparently, she was angry they applauded when they learned of the postponement.  They must have slapped their hands together in a violent manner!

Why is it liberals and news media (I’m redundant) always paint constitutionalists and conservatives as bad guys, violent rubes and an angry mob for exercising rights?  Meanwhile, a gaggle of Antifa rabble and loud Black Lives Matter associates are painted as secular saints.

Nobody involved in the latest Boise protest burned any city blocks.  None pulled out a gun and sent any liberals straight to hell.  None set up encampments and then crapped in the parks.

While I expect liberals will only grow more militant, I do wonder if journalists will have an epiphany.  A moment when it dawns they aren’t supposed to be a propaganda appendage of the Democrat Party.  I’m not holding my breath.

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