It was all for show.  That’s the opinion of many people I have talked with after the public comment period on the proposed Lava Ridge Wind Project.  The Bureau of Land Management, or BLM, will have a decision in a few months.  The public is opposed.  Our entire state legislative delegation was opposed.  Our national congressional delegation, the Governor, and the state Attorney General all weighed in with opposition.

The project would stretch across vast swaths of Jerome, Lincoln, and Minidoka Counties.  Two other projects are also proposed for southern Idaho.  One in Twin Falls County and one in Gooding County.  The opposition will also be strong when it comes to the latter two proposals.

But don’t get your hopes up.  Check out this link from High Country News.  The BLM has just made it far easier for wind and solar companies to build on lands managed by the federal government for the public.  The public should be the operative word, but the greenies have a stranglehold over the Biden White House and a former eco-terrorist now sits atop the BLM.

Lava Ridge hearings were all for show.

Check out this link.  The BLM is giving the green light to new transmission lines out of Wyoming.  To transport promised electricity from wind and solar farms.  Do you for a moment believe the people in our neighboring state have been on board with these developments?

We’ve been played.  Our best hope is now the 2024 election.  A Republican sweep of Capitol Hill and the White House could reverse course.  And save us years of litigation and what I most fear, violence and vandalism.

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