There’s a big difference between suggesting people wear facemasks versus ordering wearing of masks.  This is a serious debate in Idaho at the moment.  Even with many transplants coming here over the last couple of decades, the state is still filled with the descendants of some very independent settlers.  Many of whom walked across a continent to find a place where they wouldn’t be molested by government and religious persecution.

“Don’t Tread on Me” still defines some of the national character, although.  Admittedly it’s on the wane as witnessed by the fear over a pandemic that kills a very, very small percentage of people infected.

nobody wants COVID-19.  Just as much as we don’t want to get hit by trucks

During an edition of Magic Valley This Morning I explained nobody wants COVID-19.  Just as much as we don’t want to get hit by trucks and, yet.  We still cross streets and roads.  Life must go on and I know the medical professionals argue it can go much better if we’re masked in public spaces.

Two weeks from now, if infection rates drop, the doctors can cite masking as a success, even if the numbers were already headed for a leveling.

I try and wear a mask while I shop (I sometimes forget).  Not because I’m under a mandate but because I want to put my neighbors at ease.  There’s a big difference between coercion and Christian politeness.

There are simply going to be a lot of Idahoans who refuse to comply with any instructions where they didn’t get a say in implementation.  Are we going to stuff them in crowded jails if they don’t follow the new rules?  Of course not.  Government will assess fines.  It likes your money.  But I remind you, the people who’ll be told to write citations may have other daily priorities.  As witnessed by a statement from a Sheriff in a neighboring county, which you can see below.

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