Should you be required to admit your white privilege in order to keep your job?  I raise the question because a city in neighboring Washington State may well adopt such a law.  Guess the city, yet?  Seattle, of course.  Check out this link from the Christian writer Rod Dreher.  He discusses the effort to abolish the city’s police department.  Then he writes about plans to send workers to Black Lives Matter indoctrination camps.

At first reading I thought it applied only to city workers but on second glance it references “employers”.  So, is this an attempt to impose these beliefs on private business?  As a means of operating in the city? 

Our greatest threat is now internal and metastasizing.

I’m not sure this would even withstand a court challenge from government workers much less people employed in the private sector, however.  It gives you the mindset of what we’re dealing with as these people increasingly take over America’s largest political party.  If they control the legislative and executive branches they can start working on a slow absorption of the judiciary.  Judges favorable to sending you to re-education camps!

Dreher also explains there will be an effort to redistribute property in Seattle.  This is nothing short of communism and when I was growing up it was America’s greatest enemy.  Our greatest threat is now internal and metastasizing.

What is shocking is how few voices in leadership positions are calling out the mad dash to Marxism.  Even among conservatives and business executives there’s a silence bellowing across the continent.  From what I can see, we’ve got just one major political figure standing in the way.  No wonder the elites want him out of the way.

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