Strange things happen when our friends in Oregon get angry. This is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. An anarchist group has risen up in Portland and they are showing their anger by fixing the city's pothole problem. Seriously.

The group is called Portland Anarchist Road Care. They are mad as hell and they're not taking it anymore. Behold this upcoming event they have planned for the end of April.

Portland Anarchist Road Care Facebook Page
Portland Anarchist Road Care Facebook Page

Their movement has gotten international attention, even in France. Nice. (French pun intended)

According to their Facebook page, they are working on instructional videos on how you (yes, you!) can also fix potholes. I personally cannot wait.

This has inspired me to ask the question "Why can't we have this type of rebellion in Twin Falls?" We have enough potholes that it could take 7 years of "revolution" to fix them all. Come on, Twin Falls! Where's your street fixing anger?!?

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