Gregory Rodvelt, Surprise Police Department

I guarantee this will be the weirdest story you've heard in a long time. A convicted felon managed to surprise FBI agents with a series of homemade, improvised traps, set on his property, and he did it from a jail cell in Arizona.

Gregory Rodvelt, of Josephine County, Oregon, will be charged with injuring a federal officer after police were ambushed by a number of homemade traps set by Rodvelt prior to beginning a jail term in Arizona for assaulting a police officer. Bomb specialists and local police were conducting a search of his residence in southwest Oregon  when one officer was shot by a boobie trapped wheel chair, according to a report by the Huffington Post.

Other surprises the cops discovered while on the property were several steel-toothed traps, a shot gun-rigged wooden rodent trap, trip wires and a hot tub that had been emptied, set on its side, and designed to roll down the driveway in the event the front gate was opened. Which it did, as officers gained entry.

Rodvelt has been serving time since his arrest September 8.

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