When animals are involved in the filming of television and movies, it certainly can complicate matters. One very famous, apex predator who starred in dozens of roles between the nineteen seventies and late nineties had a reputation for being a gentle giant and true professional and is buried just a couple hours from Twin Falls, Idaho.

"Bart the Bear" was born in 1977 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was an Alaskan brown bear, and when he was just a young cub he was discovered by Hollywood, according to vitalground.org. Bart's first breakthrough role came on the Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, which I remember my father use to watch re-runs of when I was just a young cub...or kid.

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Bart was used in more than 20 films and television series, and actually is the only animal to hand out an Academy Award. In 1998, he helped present a category with actor Mike Myers. One of my all-time favorite movies, The Edge (1996), starred Bart as the predator stalking actors Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin after surviving a plane crash in the Alaskan wild.

Bart was trained by Doug and Lynne Seus of the Wasatch Rocky Mountain Wildlife Ranch which continues to care for and train bears. Other films Bart can be seen in include White Fang, The Great Outdoors, and Legends of the Fall.

Bart died from cancer in May of 2000 and is buried in Heber City, Utah, which is 260 miles southeast of Twin Falls.

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