You often hear the words, "Dream Job," thrown around by people who aspire to work in a specific industry or profession. In the case of this opportunity, I'd be willing to bet most of you would resign tomorrow for a shot at earning a paycheck filling one of these vacancies.

Ooni, an company that makes gas and wood portable ovens, is currently hiring pizza testers, according to a blog on their website. Ooni ovens are said to be able to cook a "restaurant quality" pizza in less than a minute, and are designed to be used outdoors.

These testers will be asked to not only taste the company's products, but provide input into recipes as well. Experience with making dough, preparing and cooking pizzas will give those who apply a slight advantage, according to Ooni's website.

If you are interested in applying, send a one minute video explaining why you are an ideal candidate for the job to You need to also in the video provide the company with visual proof you possess some type of pizza making skill.

Good luck in your attempts at landing this true dream job.



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