An off-leash dog that was wandering with its owner on a popular hiking trail this week was attacked by a pack of coyotes known to roam the area.

A report of the attack in the foothills of Boise was said to involve a pack of coyotes and a single dog, but the extent of the injuries isn't clear, according to information shared on a local hiking Facebook page. It's also not known if the dog's owner was injured.

The attack took place on the Crestline Trail, located approximately 3.5 miles northeast of the city of Boise. The suspected pack of coyotes are known to roam the nearby area of Hulls Gulch, and were likely defending their young. The incident was reported to the Ridge to Rivers office, which oversees close to 200 miles of trails.

The public is being asked to proceed with caution in this area, and keep dogs leashed. Ridge to Rivers shared the information on its Facebook page on May 28.

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