Heads may roll into the Kimberly School District.  In a figurative sense.  A week ago, 300 people showed up for a school board meeting.  The special session detailed the district’s proposed new transgender policy.  The public wasn’t allowed any input.  That changes tonight.  I’m writing this late morning on Thursday, May 19th.

Think about a few figures.  The crowd of 300 is roughly ten percent of Kimberly’s population.  Southern Idaho is a conservative community.  How many liberals serve in elective office?  Few will identify that way publicly.

Parents Want a Voice

I wrote about this policy proposal last week.  Many parents have talked with me and shared their opinions.  They want to replace the school superintendent.  As one told me, the district brought in a liberal lawyer from Boise to sell the plan.

I’m not sure it’s the same lawyer who spoke last week.  The one who said schools can already call a student by his/her preferred pronoun without telling mom and dad.  Really?  That can’t be a state law.  Even the biggest RINO in the state legislature wouldn’t suggest parents be left out of the loop.  It’s one of those third rails of Idaho politics.  Is it a federal law?  Or is it a directive from unelected bureaucrats at the Department of Education in Washington?  If it’s the latter, then I suggest the people of this state nullify the order.

It Doesn't Take a Village

Your kids aren’t property and they’re certainly not owned by any government.

This is why we need school choice in Idaho.  Some of the old sticks in the mud in Boise refused to move such a bill last session.  Because they didn’t like the main sponsor.  Great move, wrinkled old white guys.  Great move!  Maybe it’s why so many of you were term-limited on Primary Day.

Time for School Choice

Parents are fuming mad about woke culture.  Note to our legislators:  Crap or get off the pot!  If I was to be going to Boise next January, I would be making school choice and parental rights cornerstones of my being.  And drop the claim that the state constitution won’t permit the change.  With the current public mood, they would support an amendment. Oh, and the new Attorney General may offer another interpretation.  I understand we’re getting a new A.G.


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