With so many cold months in Idaho, many of us spend time indoors finding ways to entertain ourselves. While Netflix and all the streaming services help with binge-watching shows, many of us also enjoy a good movie or even playing video games. In 2024, there aren't Blockbusters around to rent from like there used to be, although there is one left in the world in Bend, Oregon if you still want to visit one. Most people will buy games, or maybe go to their local library and rent some movies or games, but there is another alternative that Twin Falls has, and they may have too many of them in the area.

Redbox in Twin Falls

Credit: Jeff
Credit: Jeff

Redbox is nothing new, and most are familiar with it. They often sit outside of gas stations or grocery stores. Most people enjoy having them, but with all the streaming services in the last couple of years, are they as beneficial as they once were? While tons of Redbox have been removed across the country in the last couple of years, Twin Falls seems to have a decent amount in the area. According to Google, there are 9 in Twin Falls city limits alone, which seems like a good amount for a town that size.

Redbox Locations in Twin Falls

Credit: Jeff
Credit: Jeff

While some Redbox in major cities have been removed, in Twin Falls there seem to be a good amount in this town. While you may agree or disagree that there are too many, one thing that is a problem is that most of them seem to be on the Northside of town and they aren't evenly dispersed. It makes sense to have most of them on Blue Lakes and around the big shopping centers, but near downtown and on the east side of town, there don't seem to be many. Kimberly has two, which for a town that size seems like enough until you realize that Buhl only has one and Filer has zero.

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Since Twin Falls does have a decent amount of Redbox in the area, should they be positioned a little more evenly through the Twin Falls city limits, to make them a little more accommodating for residents that live further from the major shopping centers? If Twin is going to have as many as they do, it is best to place them in the best spots. I understand where the foot traffic is, but driving down Blue Lakes is never fun. Put one in Filer, and spread the rest through Twin. Enjoy renting movies and video games from Redbox; you don't know how long until they could be gone due to streaming and other platforms. 

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