Paul Thompson is a Christian insider and a political outsider.  Some say the two shouldn’t mix and, yet.  We’ve got lawyers, farmers, realtors, professors, business owners and career politicians serving in public office.  Why not the Pastor of Eastside Baptist Church in Twin Falls?  Thompson is challenging incumbent Republican Lance Clow in District 24A, which is a seat encompassing Twin Falls and some surrounding neighborhoods.

Clow has served multiple terms in Boise and was prior the Mayor of Twin Falls.

Pastor Thompson proposes a debate with Representative Clow

With the General Election just weeks away, candidates are going into overdrive after the Labor Day holiday.

I’ve heard some Republicans dismiss Thompson as a one issue candidate.  It’s very true he supports the abolition of abortion in Idaho, however.  He has some strong positions on education and school choice.  He opposes legalization of recreational drugs.  He would, in my view, be described as a fiscal conservative.  He also has a strict interpretation of the state and federal constitutions.

He has a large team of campaign volunteers.  Many drawn from the pews of churches throughout the Magic Valley.  Pastor Thompson proposes a debate with Representative Clow, which could take place on Magic Valley This Morning sometime in October.  I believe questions could be emailed and then each candidate would get a fair shake in response.

I also issued an on-air invitation to the incumbent for equal time.  You can hear a few minutes of our conversation with Paul Thompson below.  It contains the opening and closing segments from the hour Mr. Thompson spent on-air on Friday, September 11th.  Including contact details for his campaign.

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