It looks like rising star Hannah Newhouse has been fined and penalized for last weekends races for using unapproved fuel in her vehicle.

Magic Valley Speedway Racing

Here is the statement from the Magic Valley Speedway:

After research and multiple test conducted of local fuel sources, our final decision is that on Saturday (7/28/2012) testing of fuel samples from car numbers 61 and 3 in the Super Stock class are valid and the fuel was found to be an unapproved fuel per Magic Valley Speedway rule #3.29.1 in the Super Stock division.

" 3.29.1 Only 91 Octane gasoline allowed and shall not be blended with anything. No icing or cooling of fuel system, fuel tank, fuel or intake is permitted in garage, pit, or racing areas. Drivers may be required to run track fuel."

Penalties will be assessed as follows:

The #3 Steve Edens team will be put on probation for the remainder of the 2012 season and be required to submit at least one fuel sample per race night when asked to do so by the chief steward. Also, will forfeit purse money for the second main event race on the night of 7/28/2012.

The #61 Hannah Newhouse team, having already been on probation, will forfeit any points and purse money earned for qualifying and the second main event on the night of 7/28/2012. Also, the #61 team will be fined $500 due and payable before their next race entry at Magic Valley Speedway.

This decision is final.

Jay Grimm

Chief Steward

Magic Valley Speedway

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