You already know there’s an allergy season and a Christmas season, but did you know there are porn seasons too? And before you sputter “EVERY season is porn season,” settle down — we actually have data to back this up.

Researchers at Villanova took common search terms like “porn,” “xxx” and “xxvideos,” ran them through Google Trends, and found a six-month cycle of spikes and drop-offs. The results? The peak seasons (or should it be “peek seasons”?) for internet porn are winter and late summer.

The researchers also ran more “purpose-driven” terms such as “prostitution” and “dating websites” through the same tests and hey, whaddaya know, they ran on the same cyclical schedule.

No word on why July and November are sexier months than, say, February and May, but if porn purveyors and working girls get wind of this whole thing, maybe they’ll start adjusting their prices to reflect demand. (You shouldn’t, however, expect end-of-season clearance sales.)

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