Being sidelined after surgery isn't exactly a pleasant experience, but Perry Farrell has made the most of it by enjoying a creative burst that has resulted in as much as 60 potential new songs for the next Jane's Addiction album.

He tells Rolling Stone, "I haven't written this much or been this prolific since I started when I was in my 20s. It's been coming out fantastic. I'm super excited. Everything will really start to jell and come together probably this time next year."

Farrell says that he enjoyed working on the band's latest album, 'The Great Escape Artist,' and admitted that some of the themes of that record may carry over to the new material. He explains, however, that "it's not going to be [a continuation of] 'The Great Escape Artist.' I had thought that it would be a great idea. However, I just came up with this other twist to doing the next record. At this point, I want to start fresh with a fresh angle."

Farrell says that he plans to begin mapping out the band's follow-up by as early as January.

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