A Senate committee has approved the idea of a license plate that would benefit the pets of Idaho. Sales of the pet friendly license plates would help pay for spaying and neutering of pets owned by low income families. The plan will now go to the full Senate for approval. I think the pet plates is a cool idea - but I also think their proposed design is terrible and my design (seen above) is way better.  How about a pet plate with a picture of your own dog? That would be really awesome!

Speaking of awesome, in Australia they are going to be offering plates with Emojis on them. Actually I take that back. Not awesome. Instead of silly Emoji license plates I offer you these hilarious rejected plates from down in Utah.

BLAZNHI - Rejected For Drug Reference
BLAZNHI - Rejected For Drug Reference

If the pet friendly license plates do become a reality are you planning on getting one or do you need to see what they'll actually look like? Is there a personalized plate style you wish were an option in Idaho? Only problem I have with personalized plates is that I don't know if I'm stuck behind a 2J driver or not.

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