Since the Smashing Pumpkins tour began in late June in Los Angeles, I've been reading reviews various "writers" have been posting from city to city, and the common theme of their remarks keeps pointing to lead vocalist Billy Corgan's ego. What these people are failing to understand is that there never would have been a Smashing Pumpkins without Billy's lyrics, his business savvy, and his brilliantly torturous mind. The media doesn't like Corgan, because Corgan has never let them in, no matter how many times they've tried.

Tuesday evening the Smashing Pumpkins played a three hour long show in Salt Lake City, at the Vivint Smart Home Arena. I had originally purchased three tickets for me, my wife and my daughter, for the band's September 7th performance in Nampa. That concert was cancelled six weeks ago. Poor ticket sales I'm guessing.

D'arcy Wretzky, the band's original bass player, was in talks to join the rest of the founding members on their "Shiny And Oh So Bright Tour," but it didn't work out. Seeing as it has been nearly two decades since Billy Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlin and James Iha performed together in a tour setting, I wasn't going to miss the Salt Lake show. With my wife's blessing (she couldn't go), I purchased one lower level seat, and drove the 218 miles to the venue for the show Tuesday afternoon. It was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. And, as an added bonus, I got to do a midnight Del Taco run for first time in eons.

Since I don't get paid to do concert write-ups, and I've got a million other things to do today, I'll just let you real fans enjoy some photos and video I took from my section D seat. I will say the concert was phenomenal. The band's beautiful performance of "To Sheila," was certainly one of my personal highlights. "Stand Inside Your Love," which might be my favorite song of theirs of all time, was amazing to get to see live.

Enjoy the photos. The two videos are of the band's hit songs "Stand Inside Your Love," and "Tonight Tonight."





Greg Jannetta
Greg Jannetta

All photos and video shot by Greg Jannetta