Just when you thought that Xbox was catching back up in the console war, a recent study by Strategy Analytics resulted in a bold prediction.

As much as we love the green and black box, the PlayStation 4 is kicking the Xbox One's butt in sales throughout 2014 and it doesn't seem like it will stop anytime soon. Despite Microsoft's vain attempts at increasing its Xbox One sales (through recurring price drops and bundles) a recent study done by Strategy Analytics has predicted that the PlayStation 4 will outsell the Xbox One by 23 million units come 2019, IGN reports. Strategy Analytics was analyzing various connected home devices and its predictions were that 80 million PlayStation 4 consoles will be in use by 2019, which is a vastly bigger number than the 57 million Xbox One consoles it estimates will be in use -- a whopping 40 percent higher installed base for Sony.

However, it's not just in the future that the PlayStation 4 will be doing better than the Xbox One. Just last week, Sony reported it sold 18.5 million PlayStation 4s since the console launched while Microsoft only reported 12.4 million units shipped. This means that the the PlayStation 4 is coming close to surpassing first-year sales of the PlayStation 2, the uncontested best-selling console in history. But to get back to the PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One battle, not only are Microsoft's numbers significantly smaller than Sony's (for those of you who can't math that's a 6.1 million difference), but Microsoft's numbers are only reflecting the amount of consoles it shipped, which, in other words, means that not all those consoles have actually been sold.

The holiday season was kind to Microsoft, here's to hoping the Xbox One can surprise us all and prove Strategy Analytics wrong.

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