For those of you that have never experienced air travel over the Magic Valley in a sleek, red, white and blue, single-propeller airplane, a new Microsoft flight simulator video over Twin Falls is almost as good as the real thing.

I've been seeing a lot of these simulator videos being produced lately and shared on sites like YouTube. I recall a really cool truck simulator video game that has viewers navigate their way through the streets of Twin Falls that was shared earlier this year.

A recent simulation video post to YouTube on the channel of an Ervine Online takes you on a nearly two-minute flight in a sweet, U.S. flag-colored airplane, that rolls and corkscrews through the sky over Twin Falls. The video is remarkably realistic. If I were to take this actual ride, it would likely end with me soiling myself just prior to passing out.

If you think the first one-minute, eighteen-seconds of flight simulation is cool, just wait for the nightfall part of the video. I think I'd prefer to be in a plane such as this after dusk, when the thousands of feet below are darkened by the absence of sunlight. The video's final seconds show the return of the sun, as if you've been strapped in the cockpit all evening.

Thanks to the person / people responsible for putting this marvelous video together. The YouTube channel's host actually apologizes to the people of Twin Falls in the video description line for not including a simulated flyover of the Perrine Bridge, citing further bridge work that needed some fine-tuning; the piano music was a nice touch as well.

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