For those familiar with the surroundings of Pocatello, Idaho, you may have passed down the highway a time or two and seen a formation on the side of an area mountain that sort of resembles a skull. One Idaho man has presented his case that what you are actually seeing is the final resting place of a female giant.

I have traveled from the Twin Falls area throughout southeastern Idaho along Interstate 15, and U.S. Route 30, many times. I can't say I've noticed the large indentation on the side of a mountain near the city of Pocatello during any of these trips, but I am usually laser focused on the road ahead of me when I'm driving.

A September 8, 2021, video upload to YouTube recently captured my full attention. I'm not sure exactly where in this region of Idaho this guy is pointing his camera at, but you can certainly see in the video what looks like two large eye sockets, the outline of a nose, and what sort of looks like an agape mouth. The man claims it's south of the city.

I chalk this formation up to an old, weathered, crumbling mountainside, but what do I know, my degree is in journalism, and not archeology. To view the video in its entirety, click here.

The Idaho man, Ryan Wehner, claims that the skull of the "new giant face of old," is approximately 1,000 feet across, and that the rest of its body is buried beneath the land at the base of the mountain, extending out perhaps under the highway.

It's an interesting theory, but I'm not sure we'll be seeing state workers tunneling into the side of this mountain anytime soon. A finding like this would surely make Indian Jones look like a boy scout.

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