We don't know about Gotham City, but we do know the Joker is no longer wreaking havoc on the citizens of Springfield, Florida.

The town's police department has seized a 1978 Chevy Impala with a picture of what looks like the Joker from 'Batman' painted on the side.

The Springfield Police Department took the vehicle, dubbed the 'Jokermobile,' during a traffic stop last November when officers found cocaine in the vehicle and arrested the driver. The Joker picture is just one of many features the car has. It also has 24-inch solid chrome rims and 18 speakers in the front seat, both doors and back seat.

Springfield Police Chief Phillip Thorne has no plans to let his staff use the souped-up ride, choosing instead to auction the car so the department can buy more necessary equipment.

It's probably for the best - there's really no way any car will top the Batmobile when it comes to the coolness factor.

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