A Utah teenager is recovering from an auto accident that happened on January 7. After a week of investigating, authorities believe a viral challenge might have played a roll in the wreck.

Layton police responded to the accident involving a 17-year-old girl that swerved into oncoming traffic and struck a light pole, according to a report by time.com. Police believe the teenager may have been operating the vehicle while purposely blocking her vision. The Bird Box Challenge went viral shortly after the 2018 release of the Netflix film that stars Sandra Bullock.

In the movie, a pandemic of evil spirits terrorize the world, causing people to commit suicide if direct eye contact is made. Blind folds are worn as a way to avoid seeing the spirits. The film has resulted in many people across the world blind folding themselves, and uploading videos to social media of their attempts to get from point A to point B.

Netflix posted a warning in December of the dangers of attempting this challenge, and urged viewers not to participate.

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