Bryan Bedder
Bryan Bedder, Getty Images

One of the reasons my wife and I opted out of participating in any Twin Falls New Year's Eve parties was because we started watching the new Netflix film "Bird Box."

Normally I'd pass on most Sandra Bullock movies, but this one has been hyped up now for weeks. The movie, which also stars Sarah Paulson of American Horror Story fame, is about a pandemic of invisible entities that cause people to kill themselves if direct eye contact is made. Paulson is only in the film about 20 minutes before ending up on the losing end of a speeding bus. (I should have said SPOILER bad)

In the film, blindfolds are used by the cast as a way to avoid eye contact with the dark, deadly presence. So now, you guessed it, people are actually attempting to navigate outside their homes without the use of their eyes, and they're involving their children as well.

Netflix has issued a warning to those who view the film to NOT take part in the challenge that has now gone viral. Below is just an example of what people are now doing.

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