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Greg Jannetta

I take Blue Lakes Boulevard to Park Avenue for work every morning, and I've been wondering about the legalities of ignoring the road work sign in front of Idaho Power for the past week. I've been doing what other motorists are doing, and that is just driving around it. Apparently, that's a big no no.

I'm not talking about the two signs at the intersection of Park and Blue Lakes. If you're ignoring those, then you are asking for trouble. I'm referring to the single sign near Blue Lakes and Highland, that I've already seen get busted once, and have witnessed a couple of near misses from automobiles driving around it.

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Greg Jannetta (taken with my lousy cell phone camera)

Just this morning, the city replaced it with a new one after the first sign sustained damage, probably from being clipped by a motorist. I think adding a second sign to that location would solve the problem, and help to avoid a potentially hazardous situation. The sign is currently being used as more of a yield sign than one that should prevent motorists from continuing down Blue Lakes.

According to a Twin Falls Police Dispatch officer I spoke to this morning, if an officer witnesses you drive around any road work signs, you could potentially be cited. Motorists in the area of Blue Lakes and Highland need to be very careful about ignoring the signs, according to Twin Falls Police.

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