I was talking with some coworkers about street tacos and how amazing they are, Twin Falls has a ton of options for Mexican food and I want to know which one has the best street tacos. Each restaurant I feel brings something amazing to the table.

When I think of street tacos I think a lot of meat, some onions, cilantro and go. But I am also a simple person who is willing to try anything and everything. If there is a specific place with the best street tacos please let me know.

I have eaten the street tacos at Tacos Dos Hermanos which is a food truck that is usually parked on Kimberly Road, Jarritos which I found delicious, Rosti Xpress which were fabulous. Actually, I am not sure I have had a street taco in Twin Falls that wasn't good.

I have heard amazing things about Don Juan's tacos as well. There are so many amazing authentic options in the area it is hard to pick just one favorite. I haven't been able to make it through each Mexican restaurant in Twin Falls yet but I am definitely working on it.

I know I didn't add all of the options on the poll, it was unintentional if I left any restaurant off the list. And if I am missing something please let me know. The more options for me to try the better and the more options for people to vote on the better.

Taco Tuesday is never going to be the same!

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