There are some amazing foods that are deliciously Idaho. Iconic foods like finger steaks and Idaho nachos are a must have when you are in our beautiful state. Which one is the favorite though?

Which one of these dishes can you not live without? On the poll there is finger steaks, huckleberries, the ice cream potato, trout from Hagerman, bison burgers, Idaho nachos, Owyhee chocolates and of course fry sauce and french fries.

I am not sure which one I could possibly live without. I discovered Huckleberries when I moved here and it has to be my new favorite thing in the entire world. Huckleberry lemonade, ice cream, straight huckleberries I want it all. If it says huckleberry in the name I must have it.

I also found that I really really like Idaho nachos. Really it is just tater tots or french fries topped with all the stuff that goes on nachos but for some reason it makes nachos that much better. You haven't lived until you have had the Idaho nachos from the Twin Falls County Fair each year.

I still have never had an ice cream potato but it is on my list of must tries. Bison and elk burgers are some of my favorite foods that I didn't really discover until I moved here as well. Boy am I glad I did. Bison burgers are the only way I will eat burgers anymore.

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