Idaho has been in news stories for any number of reasons, in movies, and TV shows but I think this is the first time I've seen Idaho even referenced in a cartoon like this.

I may be wrong and Idaho has been mentioned - but never like this, I guarantee. First of all, if you don't know about the Amazing World Of Gumball cartoon then bless your soul, that is all about to change. My kids love this show and I don't let them watch it anymore because it is dumb, nonsense, and loud characters. I realize I just sounded like my dad. But really, the show is super weird, and pointless, and I'll just stop there and let you watch this Idaho potato song from the series so you can see for yourself.

Now that you have experienced The Amazing World of Gumball in a small dose and heard the potato song you most definitely need some backstory on why this is a thing. I won't say that it makes sense, but there is a reason for the potato song. Gumball and Darwin make friends with a potato, who they call Idaho. Idaho has a country accent and doesn't know a lot about modern technology. Idaho goes through a lot with the Gumball friends, including dying and being buried to come back alive...yep. That's in this video:

And, for context about the Idaho potato for a saltier taste of this potato Gumball nonsense, check out this next video.

OK, if you made it this far I can admit something - I don't hate Gumball. The show is hilarious! I just wanted to see if you'd keep watching videos if I acted like I hated them. So, now that you've watched a bit, do you also like the Amazing World of Gumball? If you're sold on this cartoon, here's a 13-minute video featuring Idaho.

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