It's estimated that as many as 70% of adults in the United States report not getting enough sleep, according to a national health agency release. A lack of rest also directly correlates to a person's mood, which makes me wonder about the company I'm keeping.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention says that at least one in three adults in the U.S. are poor sleepers. An August 23, 2022 study released by PLOS BIOLOGY states that a lack of sleep could be making us blow off friends and obligations with more willingness than if we were getting a good night's sleep. Other U.S. journalists have even translated the findings into less sleep, means more selfishness.

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I'm not a sound sleeper at all. On a good night, I might get four to five hours of actual sleep. I'm not sure if it's diet, stress, lifestyle, the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, or some other factor that is contributing to my insomnia. My wife also deals with the same problem, but she averages more sleep in a week than I do.

I've tried things like drinking tea and eating sleep gummies, and these methods haven't really had an impact on me physically. The more I talk to friends about the issue, the more I find out others are in the same boat. The world appears to be sleep deprived.

The idea that those who sleep better than their partners or spouses are less withdrawn or selfish can never really be backed by scientific data, but it does make for an interesting conversation to have with your significant other. Just be ready to duck.

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