A bad neighbor can really make a person's life miserable. In all the years I've rented or owned a home, I've always tried to be a pleasant next-door occupant, but sometimes we just get pushed too far. A study from earlier this year pinpoints one of the lesser-talked-about reasons we loathe our neighbors.

For the most part, my neighborhood gets along with one another very well. There's even a couple on our street that's a bit over-friendly, and it makes for some great gossip. There are two homes on our block that are owned by individuals that nobody seems to get along with, and it does present problems from time to time.

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When you think of reasons why people hate their neighbors, some of them are easy to pinpoint. Loud music, annoying kids, too much junk and garbage, nasty attitudes, too nosey, too talkative, and other tendencies usually factor in. One of the things that really drove me nuts about a former neighbor had to do with the cars his friends drove, and not so much the neighbor himself.

A study from earlier in 2022 really nailed it as far as I'm concerned. How a neighbor parks his/her automobile is another big issue people have. Homeadvisor.com listed loud music, general noise, and parking issues as the BIG THREE annoying things neighbors do. As many as 64% of homeowners admitted they actively avoid their neighbors in the study, and close to 10% said they only talk to their neighbors once or twice a year.

My old neighbor used to have all of his visitors park across the street and in front of my place. I'd come home from work some days and have to circle the block a few times in order to park. Parking is definitely a big one when it comes to neighbors getting along.

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