I must admit that I don't mention my friends in northern Idaho very often. Normally, it's when I need a punch line for a joke. But, now there's a brand new reason to check in on our neighbors to the north. As it turns out, they have some crazy water to deal with, too.

A new video was just shared of Post Falls, Idaho. If you've never been there, they have this nifty dam that normally keeps the water under control. With all the extra water Idaho has had this spring, the waterfall there looks pretty exciting.

The specific area that is featured in the video is Falls Park, which is located right here.

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you check the reviews on TripAdvisor, you'll notice Falls Park is considered one of the more underrated sites in Idaho. Check out part of this review from Pam W:

This park is so beautiful. Great vista points for photographs. beautiful grounds, ducks, geese and even a beaver!!!!

A beaver? Let's load the car up and head to Falls Park right now. It's only about a 9 hour drive from Twin. Sigh.

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