Yes, we have our issues, but Twin Falls now has something new to brag about. In the list of best places in Idaho, we just moved up a little bit. We are now considered by a national real estate website to be the 4th best place to live in Idaho.

This new ranking comes courtesy of Movoto. We were near the bottom of this list last time we checked. Now, we're comfortably parked at #4.

Here's something to think about. We nearly beat Boise. You can practically hear the angelic choirs singing, can't you?

Here's the Movoto criteria, in case you're wondering:

  • Total amenities
  • Quality of life (cost of living, median home price, median rent, median household income, and student-to-teacher ratio)
  • Total crimes
  • Tax rates (sales tax and income tax)
  • Unemployment
  • Commute time
  • Weather (temperature and air quality)

If potholes were on the list, we would be at #1 with no competitors in sight. I do have a complaint to file with Movoto. They gave Eagle all kinds of credit for having lots of Rocky Mountain oysters. Do they even know what those are? Gag reflex kicking in.

I can't wait to tell my friends in Boise that we nearly cleaned their clock in one of these rankings. You know how much Boise loves being named the best this or that. We're coming for you, Boise.

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