It's one thing to occasionally end up high on a list of safe places to live when your area has a good year. It's yet another to consistently show up as one of the safest states to live. There is a new graphic that shows just how consistently safe Idaho is compared to everywhere else.

The real estate website, Movoto, released this map which shows crime rates over a 10-year period starting in 2004. As you will see, Idaho begins as a green state and actually improves.

The color coding on the map indicates how much higher or lower each state is compared to the national average for crime. You can dig deeper and look at some of the exact stats, but Idaho looks good no matter how you slice it.

Say what you want about Idaho, but we're safer than most and have been that way for quite some time. As for Nevada, if you guys need a safe place to stay, we're just to your north.

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