A major birth control brand is being pulled from pharmacies after it was determined the pills were sealed in packaging in an incorrect order. The error has resulted in a nationwide voluntary recall.

Taytulla, touted as the only low-dose birth control pill available in softgel, is the brand involved in the recall, according to a US Food and Drug Administration announcement on May 29. Four capsules were placed incorrectly in Taytulla sample packs, which could result in unwanted pregnancy. Non-hormonal, and active pills, are combined in a weekly regiment to ensure effective results, and must be taken in the proper order.

According to the drug's website, Taytulla is a low-dose, prescription only capsule, containing 20 micrograms of estrogen per day, and is reported to be 96% effective in preventing pregnancy. Users are being notified by mail of the mistake, and information such as the lot number of the capsule containers has been published on the FDA website.

People wanting additional information about the recall can call 800-678-1605.



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