The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced the recall of six different, nationally sold brands of tattoo ink. The inks contain microorganisms that could pose serious health risks.

Information released May 15 pertaining to the tainted tattoo ink on the FDA website is a warning to artists, and those considering getting a tattoo, that bacteria has been discovered in Scalp Aesthetics, Dynamic Color Ink., and Color Art Ink. brands. If entering the blood stream, these microorganisms can cause serious infections, permanent scarring and lesions.

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The FDA is advising anyone who might have come into contact with these types of tattoo ink, and have noticed a rash-like reaction, to contact a physician and report the information to the artist that applied the ink. Consumers can also click here for additional assistance regarding the matter.

The FDA received news of the product defect following manufacturer inspections and surveys, which led to the testing of the ink brands.

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