A record-breaking number of people in the United States have filed for unemployment benefits as the economy continues to suffer and businesses continue to close or downsize due to mounting cases of the Coronavirus.

A record 3.28 million U.S. citizens filed for unemployment benefits for the week ending March 22, 2020, as more job cuts continue from businesses forced to downsize from affects of the spread of Coronavirus. According to new information provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, hundreds of billions of dollars are being set aside to aid families, businesses, and to replenish unemployment insurance, following the passing of a $2 trillion stimulus package by the senate on Wednesday.

A former co-worker of mine in California posted to Facebook yesterday, informing friends that he was let go from his job due to a company workforce reduction. The over three million who have recently filed for benefits tops the previous record set just shy of 40 years ago.

The unemployment rate for the state of Idaho to start the year was at approximately 2.8%, according to January, 2020, data. This number is expected to spike over the course of the next three to four months. To get information on state unemployment insurance benefits, click here.

Last month, more than 270,000 jobs were created in the United States. There are currently 123 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the state of Idaho, but with drive-up testing now available across the state, that number will likely increase.

The Coronavirus has claimed more than 900 deaths so far in the U.S., and has reached over 65,000 confirmed cases.

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