Time to blast your favorite Akira Yamaoka song, because this Silent Hill collection is so big that it was recognized by the folks at Guinness World Records.

Konami has announced that superfan Whitney Chavis has been recognized as having the biggest Silent Hill collection of memorabilia in the world. With 342 different items, there are bound to be lots of Pyramid Heads in the bunch. Chavis explains that the original Silent Hill game was what got her hooked into the franchise. After falling in love with the first game, she started getting her hands on any piece of official Silent Hill swag she could get. The most noteworthy pieces of her collection include a giant cloth banner that was used in retail shops for the original game, a re-cast Seal of Metatron prop (personally sent to her by the special effects designer of the second movie) and a movie-based Silent Hill tourist map prop.

Chavis is still looking for the Konami style jacket that was released in Japan as an expensive promotional item for the second game, as well as the limited release "Forbidden Poster" of Silent Hill 2, which featured Pyramid Head about to mount an unlucky evil nurse.

You can check out more of Chavis' collection in the following video:


While the later entries weren't really as good, Silent Hill is still pretty creepy.