The recent release of the newest Stephen King killer clown motion picture has apparently resulted in some harmless, hovering Magic Valley gags, being executed by fans of the franchise.

"It Chapter Two," was released to movie theaters nationwide on September 6, and has inspired some innocent play from certain Magic Valley pranksters. If we have our choice between a few red balloons being tied off to various local objects or people dressing as clowns and lurking in the darkness, I'm happy to support those choosing latex on a string.

I've seen at least a handful of the red balloons blowing about in the wind around the city of Twin Falls since the film opened. I passed one earlier this week that was tied to a construction site portable toilet. A woman driving on 100 North Highway in Jerome recently shared a photo she took of a red balloon tied off near a city canal. I asked her if she had seen the new "It" film, and inquired as to whether or not she enjoys these types of movies.

"I've seen the movie. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a fan," said Jayla Preciado. "I just got dragged into it by a friend."

I then asked Jayla her thoughts on the recent actions of those who are behind the ballooning of certain areas of the Magic Valley.

"My first thought (when I saw it) was that someone is out to mess with someone's night," she said. "And I was right."

Twin Falls Production
Jayla Preciado

I finally ended our brief texting session by asking her thoughts on clowns in general, that is if she is bothered by them.

"A little, after all the movies I've watched," Preciado said.

I just want to say, that with Halloween just a few weeks away, I fully endorse some safe, harmless pranks that might put some a tad on edge. Well played to those responsible.



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