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We need a little apocalyptic humor.  How do rednecks protect themselves from the coronavirus?  Check out the video below.  Very funny and very creative, although.  You’ll notice the politically correct scolds at YouTube have an attachment below the video.  It explains you can get the real truth by going to the Centers for Disease Control.

In other words, we deplorables might actually believe the tongue in cheek video with a guy wearing a plastic bucket on his head.  I guess someone doesn’t know the meaning of satire. 

The video does point out the seriousness of maintaining some distance.

This morning I saw a story about transmission.  There is still some speculation the virus can linger in air.  Sunshine will most likely kill it but indoors it may last anywhere from a few hours to a full day.

There is an old Hank Williams, Jr. song called Country Boy Can Survive.  There is some evidence of this in the latest crisis.  If you live in a rural setting and don’t need a lot of contact with the outside world, you may have a far better chance of riding out the coronavirus.

In many cases, the economic fluctuations are also less likely to impact you and your family.  I think about some people who lived in some isolated pockets when I was growing up in Northern Appalachia.  They were about as self-sufficient as anyone could expect.

Last week I also read a story about a small town (it may have been in Wyoming) that was untouched by the massive flu virus that struck America at the end of World War One.  Strangers were told to stay on the train until it passed through town.  The town remained untouched by what was called the Spanish Flu.

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