Attention all hunters, just a friendly reminder that the deadline to apply for a controlled hunt is Saturday June 5th. If you want to hunt deer, elk, pronghorn, fall bear or fall turkey you better get those applications in.

Thankfully I got my hunts in today, Friday June 4th. You can put your controlled hunt in online or at Sportsman's Warehouse. I put in for pronghorn, deer and elk every year. It has been 3 stinking years since I have drawn for anything either which is frustrating. But I know it is random. When I did draw I had a hard time filling my tag because let's face it, I am just not a great hunter.

However, I really enjoy hunting and the taste of all the meat. If you are an avid hunter you probably already put in for your controlled hunts but it is always nice to have a reminder.

For those who want to put in for moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat you only have from June 15th through June 25th. I hear that one is ridiculously hard to draw on but hey more power to you. I have never eaten any of those animals but I am not against it.

Also kudos to those who want to go out and hunt fall bear. That scares the pants off me so I don't plan on putting in for that any time soon.

Again, don't forget to put in for your hunts, deadline is close.

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