JEROME, Idaho (KLIX) – Unlike some years, big game animals will likely be widely dispersed this autumn in the Magic Valley region for fall’s upcoming hunts, according to wildlife officials.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game said mule deer populations seem to be holding steady in the region, while elk numbers remain strong. Habitat conditions remain good for both species, so animals shouldn’t be congregated near a water or feed source but spread across the landscape.

“Hunters will be pleased to know that with these improved conditions antler growth will be excellent, and hunters can expect to see some large bucks for harvest this year,” the department said in a news release, referring to mule deer.

For elk, Fish and Game said, “Abundant elk herds will benefit from these improved conditions, resulting in excellent antler growth, and hunters should see (and hopefully harvest) some large bulls this year.”

Because of the favorable conditions, however, hunters may have to leave their traditional hunting locations and go to the animals instead of deer and elk coming to them, so bring along your comfortable – but warm – footwear and other supplies needed for a little extra tracking.

On the bright side, that just means more outdoor country to experience.

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