We were bummed when we found out earlier this week that Rita's Coffeehouse and Eatery had closed. We first wrote about Rita's just a few months ago after they opened in July. At that time the business showed real potential with a cool updated interior and great, fresh food options, and drinks.

Why Can No Business Survive On This Twin Falls Street Corner

Over the past decade, since I have lived in Twin Falls, I've lost track of how many different businesses have attempted success on this street corner. None of them last. The location appears to be some kind of purgatory for dreams. We've seen BBQ, Mexican food, drink shops and more try and fail at this location.

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Why can't a business thrive there? Is it the type of business attempting to set up shop, is it the actual location, or is it the parking area? Every restaurant that I've tried over the years at this spot have been good, I don't think what they offer is the issue. The location seems like the perfect spot for a startup restaurant. The only issue I can think of is the horrible parking area.

Would Better Parking Have Saved Rita's And Previous Businesses

Parking at 260 Shoshone Street has always been an issue. There are limited spaces and getting in and out isn't for the beginner. Would a restaurant that only offers drive-thru make this location a better place?

What Should Replace Rita's In Twin Falls

Maybe you have ideas about what could succeed there? Years ago I told my wife that a drink shop would be perfect, yet that's been tried and failed. Maybe the only hope for this plagued spot is to make it a cash loan shop? Those are all over Twin Falls in what seem like the worst locations.

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