I am a motion picture junkie. I recently had the opportunity to travel into Oregon and Washington, where I visited two of the most famous properties to ever be featured in a film.

Last month, to celebrate my six-year wedding anniversary, we packed up the two kids and headed west for some much needed ocean time. We had a killer bonfire in Florence, Oregon, witnessed one of the most incredible sunsets near Cannon Beach, sipped cold beer at Pelican Bay Brewery, checked out the Space Needle, and visited the areas of Astoria and Lake Union, which are home to two iconic movie homes.

Astoria, Oregon, is just a little over a 600-mile drive northwest of Twin Falls. Two of the houses used in the film "The Goonies," are located within a couple of blocks of each other. I must have seen the film 100 times growing up, and joining an expedition in search of One-Eyed Willy's lost treasure is something I've wanted to do ever since.

Greg Jannetta
"The Goonies House"   Greg Jannetta

The other iconic movie property we got within a few feet of was the Lake Union waterfront home of Tom Hanks in the movie "Sleepless In Seattle." My wife, and sister-in-law, really dug this spot (they're all about the rom-coms). I put my personal disdain for Meg Ryan and her mediocre acting aside, and actually enjoyed myself. The property is right on the water, and a local company gives boat tours past it daily.

Tom Hank's home in "Sleepless In Seattle" Greg Jannetta

The distance between "The Goonies house," and the "Sleepless In Seattle" home, is just 180 miles. If you head back through Bend, Oregon, on your way home to Twin Falls, you can also stop into the last Blockbuster video store.

The Last Blockbuster in Bend. Greg Jannetta

Here's wishing you a great road trip!

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