Traveling on the endless interstate can be torture. Fortunately, there is an app to help you plan a route filled with great pit stops. RoadNinja is the app to have so you never have to stop off at a creepy gas station again.

Made by Lamar Advertising Company, Road Ninja lets you pretend you know everything about any area (or exit) you need to stop off at.


  • Allows you to see what types of attactions are at every exit
  • Enables you to check gas prices in “real time”
  • The ability to access Google Street View, in case you are a landmark person who hates signs–or there are no signs
  • It’s free


  • The map and locator function can be twitchy
  • Does not profile State Highways
  • While it offers reviews of restaurants, it does not give the details of the menus
  • Exit locator function can sometimes be inaccurate


Road Ninja is an excellent companion for  those who find themselves traveling on the interstate often. Use it to plan your trip, but with some kinks to work out with its map function, don’t necessarily rely on it to get you out of a bind if you’re lost.

RoadNinja is available to download from Apple. You can get more information on the app and where to download it here.



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