One of the founding members of Led Zeppelin has recently announced a North American tour with his current band beginning September 17 in Philadelphia.

Why is it I never have money when tickets go on sale for my favorite bands? It's like a curse, right up there with my complete inability to choose a grocery store line that doesn't result in a paper roll needing to be changed, a customer still not used to how a debit card chip works, or an overly garrulous check out attendant named Lorna. Robert Plant is easily my favorite lead singer of all time.

Robert Plant and his band, The Sensational Space Shifters, have announced a nine-date North American tour, that includes four performances in the Northwestern United States. One of those shows is October 1 at the Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City, according to Plant's official tour site.

Below is a great cover of Led Zeppelin's, "Going To California," by Robert and the shifters at a concert in 2018.



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