I don't know the owner of the home that's available near Rock Creek Canyon, but I already like him. He's selling his home as a "for sale by owner" and his hilarious Zillow listing will give you a reason to treat him nice.

First, here are some details about his house. It borders Rock Creek Canyon at 2672 E 4000 N in Twin Falls. It's a 3-bed, 2-bath home that used to be a Pony Express stop, so there's some awesome history on his property. But, it's his description that made me laugh loudly. Here's a part of it. (My favorite parts in bold)

One level brick house with 2 large living rooms! Great place to raise a family now or add on and overbuild the McMansion of your dreams. Better view, more privacy and much more quiet than the million dollar homes on (or just near) Rock Creek subdivisions that hear trucks roaring on Pole Line 24/7! Say NO to subdivisions and say YES to your own vision! The view & private location here are PRICELESS but if I like you, I'll consider cutting you a deal, so make me an offer and get your garden growing here with the fruit trees, lilacs, flowers & smiles :-)

You rock, sir. (No canyon pun intended)

Anyone that is willing to "cut you a deal if he likes you" is alright in my book. Plus, calling out the million dollar mansions because of Pole Line traffic gets you an extra two points.

This home was just listed on Zillow, so better talk to him quick before he "cuts a deal" with another nice person.

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