Director Ron Howard's 'Rush' debuted its first trailer not long ago, but now the US version has hit, featuring Chris Hemsworth and a whole of lot Formula 1 racing action.

If you're looking for another 'Fast and Furious,' Ron Howard's 'Rush' isn't exactly that -- the race car drama has plenty of action, but there's no mistaking that this is a Ron Howard film.

Chris Hemsworth breaks away from his usual action hero fare in the first US 'Rush' trailer. The official synopsis:

Set against the sexy and glamorous golden age of Formula 1 racing, Rush portrays the exhilarating true story of two of the greatest rivals the world has ever witnessed—handsome English playboy Hunt and his methodical, brilliant opponent, Lauda. Taking us into their personal lives on and off the track, Rush follows the two drivers as they push themselves to the breaking point of physical and psychological endurance, where there is no shortcut to victory and no margin for error. If you make one mistake, you die.

The film looks exciting and engaging, with Howard taking a much different approach to racing than we've seen in recent films. And the cast is great: Hemsworth is joined by Olivia Wilde and 'Inglourious Basterds' star Daniel Bruhl. Check out the 'Rush' trailer below before the film hits theaters on September 20:

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