If you thought Thin Mints were the same all over, think again.

Like snowflakes, there are no two Girl Scout cookie bakers alike. The truth is, according to the Los Angeles Times, there are exactly two bakers – and both have very different recipes for the same cookies.

Thin Mints, for example: “One is crunchier, more minty,” the LA Times article reads. “The other is richer with a smooth chocolate coating.”

The bakers are Little Brownie Bakers, which supply Idaho and some 30 other states (or at least part of them) with GS cookies; and ABC Bakers that supply the remaining states.


The odd thing about how the bakers distribute their cookies, according to a map by the Times, is that the country isn’t divided east and west. Little Brownie Bakers supply cookies for most of Florida, for instance – unless you live in Orlando, where ABC Bakers dominate the Girl Scout cookie market.  California, Nevada and Texas are mixed with cookies by both bakers.

Go figure.

Most of the cookies, though similar, go by different names don’t even look alike – especially the Savannah Smiles that we all know and love in Idaho. In Las Vegas they’re called Lemonades and don’t even resemble their siblings in the Gem State.

No matter who bakes them, Girl Scouts cookies have a reputation for being yummy. I don’t know about you, but I just got hungry for a cookie. My favorite is Samoas – err, they’re called Caramel deLites if you live in Nebraska. What’s your favorite?

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